For business

With Socratic Design you can reset your company by unifying the departments, the colleagues, the partners under a purpose that is rooted in the hearts and minds of all. Instead of computing fragments, we design emerging collective intelligence that generates elements for a new narrative, or unique company culture. Culture is mostly not about behavior but foremost about the collective “mindset” factors. We create a new narrative to keep the good past of the company alive and renew for a future with challenging new perspectives on the desires of your clients and partners.

If a business has a stable purpose and a coherent moral climate it can cope with any future, be it an exponential future.

Collectively design the culture of business.

Socratic Design lab

In a Socratic Design lab, we design a new strategy aimed at the purpose of the company. Your company will acquire common intelligence and approach that can act in any situation. We use Socratic Dialogue, Socratic interviews, value cascade, and assumption analysis to analyze deeply the assumptions of the company and analyze possible new assumptions that fit the purpose. Assumptions are the skeleton of each organization; only in philosophy, we can ordain all possible assumptions. The team develops a new narrative that unites innovation and tradition. The narrative contains a blueprint for a new company culture (rituals and procedures); new products, services and (above all) new desires for your clients and partners. The roadmap is the concrete output; the outcome is an agile, stable company purpose.

Socratic Dialogue

Socratic Dialogue is the shortest service we offer within Socratic Design. A Socratic Designer will organize and moderate a disciplined Socratic Dialogue according to the format of Humberto Schwab. These dialogues serve to create a communal spirit and in – the course of the dialogue – emergent intelligence. It will generate practical wisdom, in which all will contribute significantly, starting from any urgent or burning question. All the stakeholders will change in this session due to the explorative mode. Practical wisdom is the essence of this model.

Socratic Dialogue training

In a Socratic Dialogue training, we train Socratic moderators to boost the mental power of your company and create a sustainable climate of change. The moderators can generate knowledge starting from any question. They initiate constructive dialogue by establishing a dominant climate of listening and empathy. By integrating Socratic Dialogues into your daily activities, you will: Create a culture of the art of listening, with a strong accent on empathy. Harvest implicit or tacit knowledge. Create a body of knowledge: we can organize the knowledge in a coherent system. Transform part of your community into the habit of being a think tank.