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  • Enhanced humanity in a disrupted future

    What is artificial intelligence? Should we not first carefully assess what intelligence is? Do we have an adequate model or do we miss important aspects of our vision on humans? Humberto Schwab in Venture Café Rotterdam

  • Canay Atalay at business analysis conference

    Canay Atalay, co-founder of human works design, talking on Socratic Design and Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation, at the Business Analysis Conference, Istanbul, December 2017.

  • From dopamine to serotonin

    We are obsessed with the pursuit of happiness, but overall the level of happiness doesn’t seem to increase. On the contrary, we face epidemic burnout, problems with addiction, obesity, etc. Was the declaration of the pursuit of happiness based on wrong assumptions?

  • The assumption in your company

    Assumptions are the hidden thoughts, principles, values or feelings that are the feeding ground for all the actions of your company. They can be an answer to the hidden burden of your company, or they can contain the promising future strategy.

  • How to overcome industrial thinking

    How can practical philosophy (Socratic Design) help to make sense out of all the ruptures we are facing? How to find a meaningful strategy in this era of singularity and digital promises and threats.

  • The future of CERN – an interview with Sergio Bertolucci

    An interview with Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN moderated by Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Physicist.

  • Socratic Design – Enlightening the dark matter

    Canay Atalay’s journey of enlightening the dark matter within companies using Socratic Design. Purpose of philosophy is to articulate the real problems that exist, but have not yet been articulated.