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  • Review of this month’s Socratic dialogue training

    The participants of the Socratic Dialogue training in January 2018 reflect on the contents of the training, after three days long of practicing how to moderate Socratic Dialogues.

  • Canay Atalay at business analysis conference

    Canay Atalay, co-founder of human works design, talking on Socratic Design and Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation, at the Business Analysis Conference, Istanbul, December 2017.

  • How to overcome industrial thinking

    How can practical philosophy (Socratic Design) help to make sense out of all the ruptures we are facing? How to find a meaningful strategy in this era of singularity and digital promises and threats.

  • Leaders of the 21st century

    Today’s children will eventually become the leaders of the 21st century. In these short films, children of four continents touch our hearts and inspire us with their valid and surprising statements about leadership.

  • The role of desire

    A short talk on the theme of desire, touching the topics of economy, religion, possession and more.

  • Socratic Design workshop, Istanbul – Joint Idea

    The first Socratic Design workshop in Istanbul. The brightest minds, business leaders, changemakers & entrepreneurs sit together and join in a collective thinking experience.