The dialogue training

With this training, you will acquire the capacity to moderate a Socratic Dialogue in the disciplined version of the Socratic Design Academy. You will be able to transform any group of people into a smart, agile collective intelligence, where participants practice the art of listening and leave behind ego stances or debate positions. The dialogue can generate new practical approaches and high-level knowledge and wisdom.

Learn to create knowledge with any group in any situation

For whom?

The Socratic Dialogue has proven to be useful in education, business, NGO and government to enforce learning and communication processes, to solve urgent problems and to transform conflicts into actual questions. Also in family affairs, it has demonstrated its effectiveness.

About Socratic Dialogue

This form of Socratic Dialogue is based on the following assumptions:

• We are all locked in our repetitive thoughts. Our neuron system favors this rehearsal due to addictive endorphins release circuits: we are addicted to repeating the same thoughts (negative and positive ones). It is hard to get out of thoughts into thinking.

• We are mostly not listening even when we pretend to. After meetings, most participants have a different report of the proceedings. We hear only what is connected to what is already in our heads circulating.

• We are not aware which philosophical, and other assumptions are active in ourselves. We have internalized an ego model that assumes compete for auto authorship of all your thoughts and feelings.

We internalize the hidden and explicit assumptions of our surroundings, be it buildings, business cultures or school climates. All these elements are entirely neglected in our normal discourses. In the Socratic Dialogue, we exercise the art of listening, investigate philosophical assumptions and create experiences of new thinking. We focus together on a common articulated question and look at this meticulously with a philosophical approach. All the participants will take all the steps in a common focus. You will acquire this capacity by training the method in a three-day training session. You will get to know all the theoretical aspects of this method. You will get an introduction to the art of philosophical analyses and some theoretical approaches to Socratic Design.


The training is organized in Sant Climent Sescebes, a village with amazing wine and food and strong rural traditions in the midst of Alt Emporda. By car 45 minutes from airport Girona (Ryanair) and 2 hours from Barcelona airport. By AVE (high-speed train) the travel time is 60 minutes. The participants will stay in houses in the village with all private rooms. The training will also include visits to nature sites and cultural places of interest.

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We organize at least two pieces of training every half a year or more when enough participant have registered we pick a date.


For a private person:

1250 € .excl VAT

For companies p.p.

1850 € .excl VAT


These prices include:

  • training
  • dinner/lunch
  • accommodation

By whom

The philosopher Humberto Schwab will be your trainer.

During the training Migual Harbers will be your host.