On events

With Socratic Design you can make any event a philosophical adventure where everybody can contribute in a massive deep dive into collective intelligence. An event will deliver commitment and content, like the values of a big audience, the collective purpose or the final solution for a burning question. It is the opposite of debating; we will dialogue with all.

A massive deep dive into collective intelligence.

Dialogue on stage

A Socratic Dialogue on stage means four to six relevant personalities participating in a disciplined Socratic Dialogue on stage about a burning question at stake that is relevant and urgent for the spectator and the participator. The audience is observing the master-minds thinking live on stage. The relevant and often famous personalities will leave behind fixed positions and jump to new levels of understanding and knowledge. The audience will join the dialogue in a structured way. The outcome is a new knowledge on the issue and possibly a solution.


A Socratic Design Dialogue Conference is: a format where all the plenary and break out sessions are no longer stand-alone’s, but form a coherent build up of all the intelligence created that day. We do not want a debate, but we create new horizons collectively. This format applies to groups from fifty to thousand people. Trained Socratic moderators moderate all dialogues.  We use digital tools or use just the classical ones to process the knowledge generated in the dialogues.

Value cascade

In a value cascade event, any group can participate in this value exercise, in which – after a Socratic talk – the group will engage in a process of finding their collective values. The process starts with one to one conversations and cascades into a dialogue with as many as five hundred persons. The outcome is a value system that is strongly uniting the group.

Keynote speaker

Socratic Design can be a valuable approach for keynotes. It can go in the underlying assumptions of any subject.: What is a bank and what other activities are possible if we formulate another role. We can change business by asking fundamental questions. We can deep dive into the real desires of humans. Most keynotes could be relevant to boost the human factor in our high tech society: to revitalize the human dignity (Pico Della Mirandola).