The VIP training

When you feel the ambition to change yourself or to contribute to change the world for the better, the Socratic Design personal VIP training is a good shot. You will transform yourself profoundly with new views and completely new forms of meaning and purposes. It is an incubator for a new self. You will shake off your old clothes and choose a new way of thinking, acting and feeling, using philosophical insights! You will be adequately prepared to initiate processes of change in this exponential changing world, without using the concepts of the previous world. 

Know thyself and you now them all.

What it consists of

For a significant part, we are programmed by our culture and our family. Each of us has events in childhood that made an imprint in our souls. We then created a naive “worldview” or a view “ on humans,” resulting from strong assumptions or believes that rooted deep in our souls. In this training, you learn to understand your narrative in a philosophical way: what philosophical assumptions do I have and why? How do these really adopted assumptions determine my personality? Which assumptions are hindrances for my personal growth?
Rewriting your narrative will open new doors and new meanings, not only for yourself but for other people alike. You will understand the relation between societal assumptions, structures, beliefs and the making of a person.
If you solve the puzzle for yourself, it has an impact on more people in that culture.
With the new tools you will learn to become a Socratic Designer; you will learn to analyze and identify assumptions in persons, organizations, and businesses.
To be a leader in this world of rupture, it is essential to know what are assumptions of the past and what of the future. To make ruptures in business models, you need first to rupture in the building of yourself.