Think tank

In the thinktank, we practice the silence instead of the (brain) storm! By inhibiting our addictive thoughts, strong convictions, and deeply rooted assumptions, we create a free space for new questions. The key to our thinktank model is not producing new individual ideas, but transforming the participants first into a collective awareness so that they will generate creative and disruptive questions. We do this with Socratic Dialogues and other Socratic methods, exercising the art of listening. Profound change always comes from a fresh insight provoked by a good question. From there on we create a new purpose, a new horizon, and a new narrative. This can result in completely new strategies, new partnerships, new relationships with your clients and of course in new products and services. The thinktank always taps into motivation and energy, into shared values and shared dreams. The result of a think tank is mostly a set of different narratives in which the company is operating according to the new guidelines and purposes. It will visualize and imagine the result of the deep dive into the past en future of the company in concrete, tangible scenarios. The scenarios can become the communication tool for the company.


A workshop is an activity which is tailor-made to the needs of the client. It always has the characteristic of collective awareness. We immediately optimize the communication and the intelligence in the company.  We stop debate and discussion and stimulate the art of listening.

By practicing the  Socratic Design tools like Socratic Dialogue, we can generate any content in a short time:

  • New product or service.
  • The fine tuning of the question of a client’s client.
  • The solution of a burning question.
  • Boosting communication and creativity.
  • Innovation on parts of the company.
  • Learning the Socratic Design tools.